FL 101

This beautiful space on the first floor of the Fedlev building is large and very bright as it has windows on three corners. The natural day light fall can be dimmed by closing the metal frame shutters and it even has a balcony-like outdoor space. The space is designed with its own entrance and toilet, and can potentially function separately from the rest of the building.

Good means of ventilation with three outside sliding doors.

Photo by Franzi Mueller Schmidt


Size of the space: approximately 100m2
Maximum capacity: 100 people
Duration of reservation: Usually booked on an hourly or daily basis with a maximum of one week.

Reservations for this project space can be made through spaces@sandberg.nl


2x fixed cable reels mounted onto the ceiling, 4x regular power sockets, 1x strong power socket (‘krachtstroom’), 1 sink

Not available:

No shades, space can’t be darkened, no beamer, no hanging system