Introductory Assembly Student Council

Dear Rietveld and Sandberg students,

In what ways can we gather?
can we listen to others?
can we grieve together?
can we strategize together?
can we manifest transformation together?
In what ways may art be a vehicle for these matters?
And what can we imagine emerging from collectivity?

For our Open Call - Fall Funding Round 2023, we, Student Council, extend a warm invitation for you to propose ways of assembling. We are curious to see how you want to organize, imagine, facilitate, and later on, archive an assembly and how they can fuse to artistic, sonic, silent, political and emotional practices. Together, we want to explore imaginative and traditional means of assemblies through making use of the school’s resources.

Assemblies as spaces for the student collective to horizontally reflect and strategize toward the change in communities; assemblies as spaces for dreaming and imagination, assemblies as spaces of group building, assemblies as spaces for collective creation, assemblies as spaces of care for the human and more than human relations within our school, assemblies as moments where tremors of excitement and ache can be released and find ways towards reparation and transformation.

Honoring the multiple lineages of the student and grassroots organizing, we want to create space to practice and facilitate student politics and merge them with art practices to find experimental spaces to be together. We recognize social change is a continuous process and we believe we want to navigate it in solidarity.

For inspiration on the theme, you can look at the works of Ruangrupa curating Documenta Fifteen, The theater of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal, The Art of Assembly web archive by Florian Malzaher, the Arte Util archive, Ensayos de Flora Onirica by Daniel Godinez.

Take a look at these references we have gathered for you!

Want to know more? Are you wondering what an assembly is? Are you curious how you can organise one or how you can use your artistic skills together with others? Just excited about this Open Call? Come to our Introductory Assembly on


FROM 15:00h TILL 17:00h